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Donna Fasano has won multiple publishing accolades, including three HOLT Medallions, and is a best-selling author according to USA Today. Around the world, her books have sold four million copies.

She is a prolific writer of engaging women’s literature and warm contemporary romance novels with stories that captivate readers emotionally and keep them turning pages long after they’ve finished reading. No matter how intense her stories become, they always have that perfect happy-ever-after ending.

Her stories can be mild, spicy, or intensely passionate. Her moving romantic novels have garnered praise from publications like as Publisher’s Weekly and the book blog of USA Today, among many others.

She runs Awesome Romance Novels, an online community for romance writers and readers. When Donna isn’t penning her own works, you can find her assisting aspiring authors in their pursuit of publication or spreading the word about beloved, established authors all over the web. Roo, an Australian cattle dog, and Donna, her husband, reside on the eastern shore of Maryland.

Best Books by Donna Fasano

Reclaim My Heart

Reclaim My Heart

Tyne Whitlock, who had a teenage pregnancy that cast a dark shadow over her life, severed all links to her past and fled town sixteen years ago. She is in a state of absolute despair since her son, who is fifteen years old, has gotten himself into legal difficulties. In ways Tyne could never have anticipated, however, contacting powerful attorney Lucas Silver Hawk would expose the tragic past.

Tyne and Lucas are enticed by the intense passion that engulfed them as teenagers when they are compelled to return to the Delaware Indian community where Lucas was raised. As Tyne rediscovers her attraction to this man, she also learns that he harbors terrible secrets and has done shameful decisions in the past. Assuming the truth doesn’t tear them apart, love has the potential to heal them both.



The Unmarried Father: Derrick Richmond, a former serviceman. Happy and alone…until tiny Timmy was thrust into his arms and Derrick had to figure out how to be a dad.

The Unattached Lady: Anna Maxwell, a Schoolteacher. Even though Anna’s own family had been denied to her by fate, she still had so much love to offer—if only someone would take notice.

The Fix: Derrick would learn all he needed to know about children from Anna. Anna would have some priceless moments with her father and son. The educator and the single parent would part ways after that. Unless, of course, some clever little boy convinced Miss Maxwell to become his biological mother!

The Merry-Go-Round

The Merry-Go-Round

Getting off the merry-go-round is Lauren’s one and only goal in getting a divorce. But her life soon becomes a whirlwind of drama when her ex-boyfriend uses her shower while she’s away, her father’s hypochondria takes up residence, and her energetic assistant forces her to face the terrifying dating world. In addition, she must determine whether the rundown barn and antique merry-go-round that were hers as part of the divorce settlement are a boon or a nuisance. A group of eccentric personalities who can’t seem to keep out of legal trouble have taken over Lauren’s practice, adding even more disorder to her already disorganized personal life. So, what’s a lady to do? Life can continue to whirl her around in circles if she lets it. On the other hand, she may just reach for the brass ring.

An Almost Perfect Christmas

An Almost Perfect Christmas

Pediatric nurse Christy Cooper agrees to assist Aaron Chase in his desperate attempt to provide his young daughter with the ideal holiday. The naughty little kid then manages to convince the grownups into having a mock wedding. Is it possible that the Christmas spirit may turn the empty promises into a genuine love story?

Her Fake Romance

Her Fake Romance

Unsettling were the statements spoken by her adolescent daughter. Although Julia Jones, a single mother battling for financial stability, hadn’t gone on a date in more than ten years, she was still capable of catching a man if she so desired! Even though Julia said she didn’t desire a marriage, she ended up caught up in a false relationship nonetheless.

Tall, dark-haired, and incredibly attractive was Ryan Shane. Plus, he was in the market for a casual date at the same time. They had a well-planned strategy. Until an awkwardly faked good-night kiss became an uncomfortable affair…

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Delightful Ballet

Laurel Morgan’s lack of a date since senior prom is irrelevant. She could easily win the bet if going on a few dates and having fun would be enough to get her teenage sister to think about going to college. Moreover, attractive forest ranger Michael Walker consented to portray her devoted lover before she could reconsider!

Laurel was taken aback by Michael’s remarkably believable acting. In the presence of her sister, Laurel frequently experienced passionate kisses and heady embraces. Would she lose the one man she would ever love despite her mesmerizing cohort’s assurances that her performance would win the wager?

Released to the public for the first time is this book from Donna Clayton’s backlist. A new romance starring Donna Clayton is on the way!

Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys

Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys

Do you need something to read on a warm afternoon at the beach? Stop searching now! Thrilling from beginning to end, Ten Brides for Ten Hot Guys has it all.

This collection of ten stories features sexy boys on a mission to locate the one who will marry them, written by famous authors from the New York Times and USA Today. Admire and adore those who work in the medical, legal, financial, and military fields. Emotional love stories set in small towns, on an international scale, in locations as diverse as Scotland, the Greek Isles, and Boston will strike your heart—and make you want to grab a fan to cool yourself.

The confrontation between the school teacher and the businessman begins in Donna Fasano’s TAKING LOVE IN STRIDE, a USA Today Bestselling Novel.

USA Today bestselling author Helen Scott Taylor’s THE ARMY DOCTOR’S NEW YEAR’S BABY—A highly motivated army physician in the Scottish highlands becomes distracted by the attractive sister of his commanding officer.

Trust me, I am not a saint. by the bestselling author of USA Today, Mimi Barbour—Their relationship is rife with aftershocks, brought about by an earthquake in Canada that draws them together.

HER GREEK EBENEZER written by popular USA Today author Mona Risk—Despite the animosity between the two parties in court, a passionate rendezvous on Mikonos Island brings out the best in an American lawyer and a Greek business magnate.

USA Today bestselling author Patrice Wilton’s FOR THE LOVE OF CANDY—A Boston lawyer and a bar owner hatch a scheme to prevent their two children from getting married, but their feelings for each other get in the way.

Bestselling novelist Rebecca York of the New York Times and USA Today, author of NIGHTFALL—Twenty years have passed since a settler’s wife, who had won the lottery, arrived on the all-male planet Palomar aboard a bridal ship.

Bestselling novelist Dana Marton of the New York Times and USA Today, BROSLIN BRIDE—She is facing murder charges against her boss, and the detective investigating the case happens to be her high school sweetheart who dumped her.

Summer Wedding by Nina Bruhns, who has written for both the New York Times and USA Today—Intertwined in a global plot, she picks up some Swedish habits that lead to steamy diplomatic encounters…

STARS, LOVE, AND PIROUETTES, written by the bestselling author of USA Today, Alicia Street—A ballerina goes on an unforgettable journey with an enigmatic stargazer and a famous TV personality.

The bestselling novel “IRISH EYES” by American novelist Annie Jones—A sympathetic social worker and an agent from Interpol join forces to find a missing boy.

Finding Fiona

Finding Fiona

She threatens to murder her husband if he shows up alive.

Her husband has been absent for three days, and it’s humiliating and humbling to explain to the very attractive police officer why she hasn’t noticed. A mix of annoyance, fury, and fear washes over Fiona Rowland the moment she lifts her head above the swirling frenzy of kids, carpools, and a million things to do. Stanley has vanished.

A woman’s perspective on marriage, finances, family, and friends is transformed after experiencing one of those “wake-up and smell the coffee” experiences. Even the past becomes murky when her high school best friend shows up (with her own secrets) to offer comfort. As Fiona tries to make sense of the turmoil, she learns that there is a silver lining to having her world turned upside down. The nice thing is easy to acquire.

Anyone looking for a delightful blend of women’s fiction, chick-lit, romantic comedy, and mystery will find it in Finding Fiona. This novel is ideal for reader groups and book clubs due to the inclusion of discussion questions in the back of the book.

Take Me, I’m Yours

Take Me- Im Yours

Transgender father A stunning woman is never someone Derek Mitchell should trust, as he had discovered the hard way. Despite his eternal gratitude to Lainey Adams for saving his daughter from abduction, he had no intention of lavishing her with his heart as a token of his appreciation. When Lainey’s matchmaking millionaire father rewarded her bravery…with a share of the family riches, what was the unhappy bachelor to do? Because even though Derek was terrified of falling in love, he felt hope and desire stirred within him by the captivating Lainey. But he had a feeling she was hiding something important from him, something that could destroy his entire universe.

Dangerous Memories

Dangerous Memories

Who am I as a woman?

After discovering that two men have come forward claiming to be the father of her child, Keira Rhodes is left wondering why she suddenly finds herself in the hospital with amnesia.

Logan asserts his position as her devoted spouse. Their marriage hasn’t been ideal, but Keira can’t help but be attracted to this reserved man. Even Logan’s own brother Kyle is adamant that he is the rightful owner of Keira’s heart and the child she gave birth to…

In Keira’s hazy recollection and the gentle caress of a singular man was concealed the truth.

You will adore Dangerous Memories if you adore Hallmark Mystery movies.

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